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Northwestern Alloy Tools

Remodeling, Renovation
& Custom Work

Image by Im3rd Media

Our tightly knit team of skilled specialized tradespeople is fuelled by challenges. Making your dreams and innovative ideas a reality is their mission. 

They make themselves personally invested in the finished product, and their fine attention to details is an obsession.

From polished decorative metals to rusty corten plate steel and from finely finished African blackwood to rustic timber, an equal amount of passion is in every project.

Custom Manufacturing,
Fabrication, Carpentry & Artwork

Commercial & Residential  Services


In-house custom metal fabrication, custom carpentry, product and interior design, engineering and CNC services provide us with the ability to produce one of a kind complex creations faster and more economically. 


Our team doesn't just build and walk away. We equally understand the value and importance of ongoing services. We are just as dedicated to the maintenance, modifications and repairs as we are to initial build. Commercial and luxury rental clients can be confident that we are always available to perform seamless modifications and repairs using exactly the same materials, finishings and techniques used in the original build.

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